Starting Saturday, October 29, my online customers will receive a free gift with each order! Customers placing an order through will receive the 4-Pc. Mr. & Mrs. Nutcracker Ornaments Set free. The gift with purchase is available while supplies last.
Mickey Pitcher & Tumblers Set- Includes 1-qt. Classic Sheer® Pitcher & four 16-oz. Tumblers with seals. Reg. $52.00 ON SALE FOR $28.50 Oct 15- Nov11th

Please HELP US make a CHILDS WISH COME TRUE! Buy a Mickey Pitcher and Tumbler set by Nov 11th and our Team will donate $5.00 to the Make A Wish Foundation!

Thanks For Helping Grant A Wish! Must order through Pearle E. Gates via Email or on my website!
Thatsa Bowl 8-Pc. Set-SAVE OVER 50%! 
Enjoy even greater savings than in the Mid-October brochure! Includes two each of the 42-cup, 32-cup, 12-cup and 6-cup Thatsa Bowls. $168 value. #89083 $79.00
Surprise Pack
Save on these durable, sustainable products and add an element of surprise to your life! The items are a surprise. The value isn’t! Receive a value of $75 or more in each pack with items like: Get Togethers Large Buffet Tray with Dividers, Ladies Lunch Bag, Bicentennial Salad Bowl, CrystalWave Container and Tumbler Lunch Set, Prep Essentials Snack-Stor Container, CrystalWave Goody Box Set, Double Colander, Microfiber Dusting Mitt, Rectangular Sandwich Keeper Set, 12-oz. Tumbler or Half Fridge Stackables Container. #89088 $29.00

KeepTabs 6-Pc. Set-SAVE OVER 40%!
Includes two each of the 5-cup Medium, 2-cup Small and 5-oz. Mini containers. $26 value. #89084 $15.00

Large Sports Bottle-SAVE 40%

25 oz. $15 value. #89086 $9.00

Party Plates-SAVE OVER 45%
Raised lip prevents spills! 8½". Set of four. $26 value. #89087 $14.00

Buy One, Get One FREE-On-the-Go Cutlery Set-SAVE 50%
Knife, fork and spoon snap together! Set of two. $22 value. #89085 $11.00

Note: Colors may vary and substitutions may apply. Orders must be submitted by your Consultant by October 28, 2011.

Crowd Pleasers! Mid-Oct. Consumer Offers available Oct. 15 to Nov. 11th.

Attendance Offer: 
 Container A $22.00 value Save 40%! Price: $13.00 #89405 
*Limit 1 at a party.

$50 Purchase with Purchase: Snack-Stor Container $19.00 value Save over 30% Price: $13.00 #881805

$75 Purchase with Purchase: Rectangular Cake Taker $49.00 value Price: $29.00 #881804

Cold Cut Keeper $29.00 value Price: $23.00 #81612

Round Container A $21.00 value Price: $16.50 #81614

Fall Prep Collection Retail value $68.00 save over 25% Price: $49.00 #81603

Animal Wigglers Set $20.00 value Save over 20%! Price: $16.00 #81615

Love to Learn Maxi One Touch® Canister $25.00 value Price: $18.50 #81604

Mickey Pitcher and Tumblers 1-qt Pitcher & 4 16oz. Tumblers $52.00 value Price: $28.50 #81605

Tortillas and Toppings Set $55.00 value Save 30%! Price: $38.50 #81611

Three-Course Plate Collection 4 of each size $80 value!Save over 35%! Price: $49.00 #81610

Fall Family 18-pc. Serving Set $150 value Price: $75 #81602

Take it All Collection $186 value ~ Save over 35% on everything shown Price: $119.00 #81607

Thatsa Bowl 16-Pc. Party Set for $139 $254 value ~ Save 45% #81609

Thatsa Bowl 8-Pc. Set for $99 $168 value Save 40%! #81608

Party Plates for $19 $26 value Save over 25% #81606

On-the-Go 32-oz. Tumblers for $39 $60 value Save 35% #81601 

Tear-off page promotions available Oct. 15–28, 2011 ONLY! 

Small Carry-All with Handle 
Set of 2 $40.00 value - save 35% Price: $26.00 #81616 Customers ordering the Small Carry-All Container with Handle will receive two containers for the same price! 
The mid-October brochure incorrectly indicates only one container in both the photo and the copy.

Chef Series Pro Carving Set 
$145.00 value - save 45% Price: $79.00 #81620

Winter Canister Set 
$31.00 value - save 25% Price: $23.00 #81621

Sports Tumblers 
4 - 16oz $35.00 value Price: $25.00 #81613

Radiance Small Serving Bowls 
3 cup - $76.00 value save over 60% Price: $29.00 #81619

Snack Cup Set 
Buy 1 set of four, get 1 set of four FREE! 4oz - $30 value Price: $15.00 #81617

Twistable Peeler set of 2 
$30 value - save 35%  Price: $21.00 #81618 

Clearly Attractive Host Bonus:  
Counterscaping Complete 6-Pc. Set ONLY $29  With $550 in party sales & 2 datings held 
Set includes: 
¾-cup Sm. liquid container. 2½-cup Med. liquid container.  4¼-cup Lg. liquid container. Three 2½-cup dry seasoning containers.  

Heat ’N Serve 8-Pc. Collection-
Exclusively for $550 & 2 Hosts! $83 in Host Credit  $179.50 total value - FREE

SET TO IMPRESS-FREE to Host October 15 to 28th only! 
Order must be submitted by your Consultant by October 28, 2011.

Limited Time Offer! Host Gift Special!

Serve in style this season with this Fall Family 18-pc. Serving Set, FREE for a limited time when you host a qualifying party!* This fabulous set includes four each of Luncheon Plates, Dessert Plates and Oval Plates; one Medium Serving Dish with seal; four multi-purpose 20-oz. Twin Serving Bowls with seals; and an exclusive Napkin Caddy. $150 value.#9080 $68 in Host Credit*
*Limit one with party sales of $450 or more and two friends who date and hold their own parties. Future datings must be held within 21 days.
choose the Girls Night In Set, also FREE when you host a qualifying party!* This amazing set features everything you need for a night in with the girls. See page 76 of the Holiday catalog for details. You’ll qualify in no time when your guests purchase the Thatsa® Bowl 8-Pc. Set from the mid-October brochure, available at a special price for two weeks only.For Our Hosts

Dating Gift- Cut-N-Serve $8 value for FREE

For our Hosts with $150 or more in Sales-
Chic Dining Mini Bowl Set
A $25 total retail value, Free with $150 min. party OR, Host can pick from 9 of our most popular catalog products

Brochure Host bonus! Counterscaping Complete 6-Pc. Set for $29!*
The strength of this bonus offer is “clear.” Build party sales and encourage future datings with this elegant set, exclusively available to qualifying Hosts. With $550 in party sales and two datings held, Hosts can landscape their kitchen counters and keep their most often-used ingredients close at hand with this six-piece collection.$75 retail value.
Set includes:
• ¾-cup Small liquid container.
• 2½-cup Medium liquid container.
• 4¼-cup Large liquid container.
• Three 2½-cup dry seasoning containers.
* Limit one with party sales of $550 or more and two friends who date and hold their own parties. Future datings must be held within 21 days. Host offer does not count toward party sales for Host Credit.

Heat ’N Serve 8-Pc. Collection by using $83 in Host Credit
These Heat ’N Serve Containers feature new hinged seal handles, making them easy to pop open or snap shut with your fingertips. They go from freezer to fridge to microwave and include an automatic self-venting valve. Set includes 8¼-cup Oval, 4¾-cup Oval, 8-cup Round, 6¼-cup Square Round, two 3-cup Rounds and two 2-cup Square Rounds.Hosts can select the collection by using $83 in Host Credit
• Requires $550 in party sales & 2 datings held.
• $179.50 total value.
Note: Future datings must be held within 21 days.

Girls Night In Set for $68 in Host Credit*
Set includes:
• Whip ’N Prep Chef
• Saucy Silicone Spatula
• Chic Dining 15-cup Serving Bowl
• Set of four Chic Dining Champagne Flutes
• $157 retail value
* Limit one. Requires Host Credit from a party with $450 in sales and two datings held. Future datings must be held within 21 days.Totally Tuppertini Ultimate Party Set for $113 in Host Credit **

This exclusive collection includes:
• Whip ‘N Prep Chef
• Saucy Silicone Spatula
• Chic Dining 15-cup Serving Bowl
• Set of four Chic Dining Champagne Flutes
• Set of four Chic Dining Stemless Wine Glasses
• Chic Dining Appetizer Tray
• Chop ‘N Prep Chef
• Lemon Lime Press
• Quick Shake Container
• $312 total retail value
**Limit one. Requires Host Credit from a party with $750 in sales and two datings held. Future datings must be held within 21 days.

Gifts For Hosting a Party:
Hold a party($150+ sales): Your Choice of 15 Thank You Gift Items Marked with a Red Star in the Catalog 
Party Sales % of Party Sales for Host Credit ½ Price Host Selection
$250–$449 10%(=$25–$45 Host Credit) 1 Choice of Half Off Item or Set
$450–$999 15% (=$68–$150 Host Credit) 2 Choice of Half Off Item or Set
$1,000+ 20% (=$200+ Host Credit) 3 Choice 
of Half Off Item or Set
Watch your Host Credit grow!
With $450 in party sales, your earn Host Credit equals 15% of your sales, or $68. Therefore, you may select $68 worth of Tupperware products FREE, and purchase two additional products of your choice at half price. Save even more with datings held! Once your party reaches $450 and you have two or more datings held, you can also use your Host credits to shop from the special values in the exclusive Host product selection and receive *free shipping. Use your Host Credit to select one of the exclusive great Host exclusive collection offers.

$40 Cash Back Performance Bonus and $5 Deposit on Consultant Kits-Oct. 15 to 28th

With a Tupperware business, you’re in charge. You decide how much money you want to earn, how much time you want to spend working, and when you want to work. With a business opportunity that adapts to you, there are no limits! You’ll earn money by offering high-quality products from one of the world’s most recognized brands. We empower you with business kits that feature products from our most popular product groups, learning materials and smart solutions for today’s lifestyles that you can confidently share with others. The flexibility you enjoy as a Tupperware business owner starts today. Invest in yourself and start your business with the business kit that fits you.Pay in two installments on your credit card.**

Start your Tupperware business in the next two weeks and you’ll have the opportunity to make more money faster! How? By paying less for your business kits when you submit qualifying sales in your first 30 days. It’s as easy as holding two average* parties in your first 30 days! Select the Deferred Payment Kit Option (either kit) during October 15–28, 2011, and you can enjoy a “Performance Bonus” consisting of $40 CASH Back when you submit $900 in party sales during your first 30 days in the business. This means that when the deferred payment goes through after your first 30 days, you’ll only be charged $74.99 for the Executive Business Kit or $34.99 for the Business Kit.$40 Cash Back Performance Bonus 
Also, new Consultants who pay in full for either kit when they start their business can also enjoy this “Performance Bonus” when they submit $900 in personal sales during their first 30 days in the business. Their $4

0 CASH Back will be applied to their first monthly commission check.*Kit contents and prices subject to change.
** Based on the national party sales average of $450. Credit card required for payment. $5 plus tax will be charged to your credit card when you start their business and the balance of the kit (Executive Business Kit balance of $114.99 plus tax or Business Kit balance of $74.99 plus tax) automatically will be charged 30 days later.

If you qualify for the Cash Back award and you selected the deferred payment option, your credit card will be charged the balance of the kit (Executive Business Kit balance of $74.99 plus tax or Business Kit balance of $34.99 plus tax). $40 will be applied to the first monthly commission checks for those who paid for their kits in full and met the challenge requirements.

Here's the Scoop on Our Super Tupperware Opportunity

1) How much money can I make?
Personal commission on sales is 25% 
BONUS: Sell $1200-$3199 in a month and receive a 5% Bonus!
Sell $3200 or more in a month and receive a 10% Bonus!
Please note: Even more income potential is realized when you move up in the business by building your own team of consultants.

2) How much time will it take?
The average party will take about 2 to 3 hours. You can decide if you’d like to hold parties, take orders only, do Fundraisers, or run an internet business from your Tupperware website.

3) How much does it cost to get started?
The Executive Business Kit is $119.99 plus tax. It is valued at $525 and is filled with everything you need to start your own business. Tupperware pays shipping.
The Business Kit is $79.99 plus tax. It is valued at $355. Tupperware pays shipping.

4) How do I get started?
I can order your kit and we can talk about a Grand Opening party to get your business set up. Signing Bonuses may apply!

5) Benefits of a Tupperware business:
Free training, flexibility to set your own hours, opportunity for advancement, including our Dream Drivers Car/Cash Program, bonus gifts, trips, and much more!

Note: All income estimates are based on a $400 party average and/or$40 order average.

You’re in business for yourself—but not by yourself! Your Manager and Director are there to help you every step of the way.

Say Yes! Gift • October 1–28, 2011
Start your business during October 1–28 and you can add one of these products to your kit FREE: Choose from TupperWave Stack Cooker Colander ($22.50 value), Season-Serve Container ($22 value) or the Jel-Ring Mold ($15 value). Increase your demonstration options and your sales with these products! Note: Colors may vary and substitutions may occur.

Activation Challenge • October 1–28, 2011
When you start your business during October 1–28 and achieve $450 in personal sales during your first 30 days, you qualify to select another one of the Say “Yes” products FREE. Note: Colors may vary and substitutions may occur.

Tupperware is Doing Great!!!

FACT: Tupperware is experiencing it’s 10th consecutive quarter of growth.
FACT: Tupperware stock is continuing to rise!
FACT: More people date parties in times of economic down turn-they want the product for free and half-price.
FACT: More people are taking their lunch, concerned about the environment, want re-usable, air-tight containers.
FACT: The average American throws away 14% of what they buy because they are not storing their food properly.
FACT: We have the answer to putting 14% back in their pocket.
FACT: There is NOTHING more secure in this economy than owning your own business.